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Our award winning shop is an Aladdin's cave of natural nutrition.

We have a simple passion for real food, natural health and wellbeing. Every corner of our shop is full and packed with interest, with organic & natural foods and carefully chosen supplements & remedies.

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It is an integral part of The Real Food Company's ethos to research our products thoroughly and to stock the best we can find.

We are happy to talk to you about nourishing traditional diets, Weston A. Price's nutritional ideas as well as diets like GAPs, SCD, Paleo, Primal, Ketogenic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and more. 

If visiting our Cheshire shop is not convenient, you now have the option to use our online shop.

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Our online shop is the culmination of over 30 years experience working with natural foods and nutrition. We have drawn together an eclectic mix of traditional foods and authentic natural remedies to help you follow a truly natural lifestyle and support your health in the modern world. Our range will continue to evolve as we filter ideas and absorb more of the revolutionary information found through our ongoing research. 

Hippocrates once said "Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food." As we see the unprecedented rise in degenerative diseases, this 2000 year old quote is more relevant today than ever. We are faced with making confusing food choices every day. Most food retailers fill their shelves with fake and highly processed foods that have never been in the human food chain until very recently. We are dangerously close to losing sight of what Real Food really is. 

Robust traditional communities from around the world instinctively knew how to grow and prepare their foods in ways that optimised available nutrition. Once industrialised food production took hold, these ideas were displaced by profit, shelf life and large scale production methods. In doing this we have lost the value of the foods we are eating. Unpasteurised live dairy foods tend to be more digestible, containing delicate nutrients not found in an equivalent pasteurised product. The same can be said for a real, properly fermented, live sauerkraut or kimchi compared to a "dead" but conveniently shelf stable version. 

We offer you a range of products that you can trust to be as good as it gets to support you on your journey to optimal health.


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Our family run Cheshire shop has a huge choice of fresh, natural and organic foods. This includes fruits and vegetables, free range eggs, sourdough breads, raw live and fermented foods and drinks (raw cultured butters, raw cheeses, miso, natto, fermented vegetables, kimchi, kombucha and kefir), superfoods, grass fed meats (including offal, nitrate free bacon and bones) readymade bone broths and truly traditional unrefined Celtic sea salt with organic certification.  

On our shelves you will find all kinds of whole food ingredients that are essential to cooking healthy meals at home. Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, primal, paleo, ketogenic, LCHF, Weston A. Price, GAPs etc. we can help you.

We understand that at times we all need extra support from nutritional supplements and natural remedies. We have a carefully chosen selection that includes fermented cod liver oils, extra virgin cod liver oils, probiotics, organic gelatine and collagen powder, Dr. Carolyn Dean's highly absorbable minerals (ReMag, ReMyte etc.) herbal and homeopathic remedies, vitamins and minerals.

A more complete list of what you will find is available on our retail shop page. 

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Our Ethos

It is our aim to help people to take charge of their health. We believe that by spending time with our customers, where we can, we hope to empower them to have the confidence to take control of their own health.

The human body is extremely complex, but also very simple. We have basic needs that can be met by sourcing clean water, natural foods, fresh air, movement and sunlight. 

The world we live in today has made this a little more difficult to achieve than it was for our ancestors.

Over the last 30 years we have been passionate to learn as much as we can about how this can be accomplished. We are still learning every day.

The products we supply in our shop are carefully considered. We aim to supply items that will help to support you on your journey to optimum health. There are many different routes that can be taken to achieve this and what feels right for one person may be different for another.

Personally our ideas are geared towards traditional foods and food preparation techniques (like food preservation by fermentation) using naturally grown produce from healthy soils. We exclude processed foods, drink the best water we can and get out in the fresh air and sunlight as much as much as possible - preferably barefoot.