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Nut and Seed Butters

Nut Butters

All our nut and seed butters contain no palm oil or added sugars.

We carry the familiar roasted types of nut butters and also raw nut butters.

  • Organic Peanut Butters - smooth and crunchy, with and without salt
  • Organic and Non Organic Roasted Almond Butter
  • Organic Raw Almond Butter
  • Organic White Almond Butter (skinned almonds) - tasty as it is, but also useful for diluting down to make your own almond milk or almond cream
  • Organic Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter
  • Organic and Non Organic Cashew Butter
  • Organic Raw Walnut Butter
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Butter
  • Organic Hazelnut Butter - raw and roasted
  • Organic and Non Organic Tahini (sesame seed butter) - both light and dark 
  • Organic Raw Tahini (sesame seed butter) - both light and dark

People often find nut and seed butters a nutritious and tasty addition to a low carb diet - great eaten with celery sticks as a snack!