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Cocoa Bean


Really good quality dark chocolate has a reputation for containing high amounts of anti-oxidants and being very healthy.


We have a great selection of high quality dark and milk chocolate including:

  • Montezuma Organic Chocolate Range
  • Booja Booja - Organic and Vegan - a totally delicious truffle range
  • Divine Fair Trade Chocolate RangeChocolate
  • Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Range - always popular
  • Willies Chocolate Range - delicious!
  • Organic Raw Chocolate from Lovechoc
  • IQ Superfood Organic Chocolate
  • The Raw Chocolate Company Range
  • Vego Dairy Free Chocolate
  • Ombar Dairy Free Chocolate

We have raw chocolate, vegan chocolate, dairy free chocolate, chocolate buttons, boxes of chocolates, chocolate coated goodies, chocolate with no added sugar, spicy, salty, fruity and nutty chocolate. 


We even have the ingredients to make your own chocolate at home, like raw cacao powder, butter, liquor and nibs. 

There is sure to be one you will love!



If you do not eat chocolate we also have a range of carob bars and drops. 

Montezuma barBooja TrufflesOmbarIQ barGreen and Blacks bars