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I discovered The Real Food Company about 4 years ago - what a find!! I have always tried to source organic food wherever possible for my family - which can be quite difficult and time consuming - but The Real Food Company have pretty much everything under one roof (a little ethical supermarket!) From store-cupboard stuff to organic meat and fish AND fresh organic veggies - I donʼt need to go anywhere else!


The Real Food Company is a shop I always look forward to visiting. It is an Aladdin's cave and it is very rare not to be able to find what you want, even if you don't know what you want!!!  They are always happy to help with information on, well it seems, everything. It is a great shop to have in the village, and such a welcoming feel to it , everyone seems to want to stop and chat ( or is that just me!!) If there was room for tables and chairs and tea and coffee sold there's no telling how long we would all spend in there. Thank you Carol, Nick and Silvie for making your Wholefood shop such an enjoyable experience and a real gain to our village.



The Real Food Company - There is no other shop like this, every time we go away we search and nothing comes close. There is so much variety, care and thought gone in to every last item here, and you can tell as soon as you walk through the door. I hope you will love it as much as we do and feel part of a very special place.



The Shop' is what we call it, as in 'Just popping to the shop'. That's because you can buy most of the goods you need at the Real Food Company. Organic fruit and veg, organic dry goods, fish, meat, supplements, drinks, shampoo, face creams, soap, the list is endless......... In addition to all the wonderful produce you can get friendly advice from highly knowledgeable people who are inveterate students of health and nutrition. It's a place to go and talk, a real community centre and the village is all the richer for its being there.



About 4 years ago I walked into the "Real Food Company" shop and found some raw goats milk. I knew immediately I'd found a gem of a shop. Further investigations found apple cider vinegar "with the mother", grass fed meat, organic organ meats, bacon made without nitrates, raw butter, kefir, local raw honey, kombucha, properly made sauerkraut, rapadura, real unprocessed sea salt, unpasteurised cream and a plethora of unpasteurised cheese's and many more hard to source "real foods" which don't exist in supermarket's or even other "health food shops". However the biggest and best find was the staff. I think it was late on a Saturday afternoon on my first visit to the shop, almost closing time, and I literally bombarded Nick (one of the co-owners) with a myriad of questions about food, diet and health. 2 hours later (and well past closing time) Nick was still patiently and knowledgeably answering my questions. In subsequent visits I kept up my barrage of questions and Nick, Carol (the other co-owner) and the rest of the staff always go beyond the call of duty to find me answers.



I do love this shop - staff are incredibly helpful. They will go out of their way to order me things if they don't already have it in stock - but usually they have everything I want and more. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and obviously love their work.

Donna Thomson


Friendly, local and informed. The Real Food Company not only has a wide range of stock of everyday health foods, environmental cleaning products, sustainable cosmetics, alternative magazines and the more esoteric things you don't expect to find in Alsager, but more importantly a team who know what and why they are selling them. It's got to be my fave food shop.

Simon Wells, Dad and Professional Mountaineer


"Extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff"

"My favourite healthfood shop"

"Excellent customer service"

"Amazing range of products, sourced with care"

Mr & Mrs Collins